Many Free Classes Give Us Various Facilities

Almost every day there is news or commercials about the new mall, new housing, and new apartment-especially in big cities. Although the price has skyrocketed, all kinds of property sells. The property was the middle of a prima donna. Regardless of the apartment units are built, as it is also sold. However, every day reading newspapers and watching TV, I do not see the news about the establishment of a new library building. A new library building in one year is not heard the news. Moreover, the news about the excitement of a new collection coming in large numbers. That is how many hospitals and facilities advertise their free CNA classes. So really wonder if there are still officials who said the book was important or the library's strategic role for the progress of the nation. In my opinion, it's just simply to entertain, if not scorn. The fact is: find a public library is not as easy as finding the mall. In Bandung, the public library is not located in an easily accessible from all parts of the city.

Many free classes give us various facilities. Several years ago, I do not remember the exact year, in London there is a British Council library. Although the office is not too extensive, but the library is always crowded visitors. They are at home reading a book here. Unfortunately, libraries are funded by the UK government is closed and the collection passed to college. That is how many hospital and facility on advertise their free CNA programs. In Jakarta, a few years ago, there are also American libraries in Jl. Sudirman, if not mistaken his name Zorinsky Memorial Library. Occupying three floors of a large office building (Metropolitan II time), public libraries are a favorite place for many people to read. Unfortunately too, the library was closed due to financial difficulties.

In the digital era, digital libraries are increasingly widely adopted, but in Indonesia, a digital library for the public was not yet there. Even digital library of college is new store unlimited digital publications. For example, a summary of the thesis and thesis and scientific papers. Generally, digital books are not in college, especially in the public library / public.

Therefore, the public library (a collection of printed books) is still needed. In London, for example, a library managed by private or community is scattered. But of course, the growth rate and the collection can not be partially fused with the bookstore. Society still needs the public library as a part of the culture of literacy activities. There are many free classes give us various facilities. That is how many hospitals and facilities here try to advertise their free CNA classes on 2013. How to make the public library a fascinating place to visit is a separate issue. In addition to its location should be easily accessible, the room needs to be comfortable to read, even the rate of growth of the collection must be improved.

More basic than that, the first question that must be answered first is "whether the public library is more important than the mall?" If for economic activity, regardless of the investment affordable, why we are reluctant to public libraries? That is how many hospitals and facilities advertise their free CNA classes 2013. In many important cities of the world, the public library to be one of the pride of the community as a cultural marker (picture above one corner of the public library in Amsterdam, which is open from 10 am to 10 pm.