Lay A Base for Primordialism

Lay A Base for Primordialism - According to Javanese culture, the power of a civil pangreh can only be obtained through meditation, asceticism or behavior concerned with all kinds of fasting that got "revelation" of power. Revelation earned the world given the cosmos. Not everyone can receive revelation. There are certain personal qualities that make people able to receive revelation. If one becomes the ruler and his reign did not last long, the sign that he has abandoned not because of revelation or revelation.

To obtain revelation is independent of wealth, influence, relationships, military power. There is only one way to gain power over the forces of nature or the cosmos world. Must receive a revelation to be a leader. Revelation does not have to be accepted by the people themselves but can pass those close to him. A person can receive revelation by way of meditation, fasting, go to the shrine and others that are mystical and not derived from social interaction as the power in the western world of certified nursing assistant training.

At the time of President Suharto's fall from power, many among the Javanese believe that the fall of President Suharto is caused by the loss of her revelations after Tien Soeharto mother died. According to Javanese belief, revelation is not attached but to Ibu Tien Soeharto Soeharto. When my mother died Tien Suharto will not be able to maintain his power. (Soeharto, The Life and Legacy of Indonesia's Second President, An Authorised Biography, Retnowati Abdulgani-KNAPP, Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pty Ltd, 2007, p.31)

President Soeharto run with strict government control over media, social, political and bureaucratic. Government in the Suharto era could be associated as a military dictatorship. The relationship between the government and armed forces so that they appear very close to the dual function of GPS Watch Reviews, in which the Armed Forces employed and function in non-military matters.

Government bureaucracy of the Governor to RT in Indonesia was occupied by the military or retired military personnel. The military-style bureaucracy recognized or not apparently take place very effectively. Because only organization with military discipline can work well. The military also has an international orientation to the world better than the civilian bureaucracy. Orientation to the international world over provide space for the development of overseas adjustment.

The Suharto government, cooperation between government bureaucracies can run relatively better due to the use of military-style discipline. And General Suharto was the single holder rule baton for 34 years. In the reform era, the role of the military has tried to be reduced. Some of the civilian president chosen. Although the President of the military, but the holder of many of the civilian bureaucracy. The civilian government bureaucracy until now we feel the difference compared with the bureaucracy "military" under President Suharto.

Communication is now often jammed bureaucracy, corruption in the bureaucracy reigns willing to even take place in a systematic, bureaucracy has alienated itself from the people. Bureaucracy has lost its primary role as a public servant. Bureaucracy as running without coordination. Control over the bureaucracy is not built so as to facilitate abuses of power. Coupled with a system of regional autonomy, the more sewrawutlah bureaucratic control in Indonesia.

Cooperation between bureaucracy no longer the case as the first obedient to the command under the command of President Suharto. Relationship between bureaucracy now runs his own wishes. Without any figure of authority and command that had the firmness, the bureaucracy of running without a clear direction of purpose. Civilians were not able to be given the responsibility to hold a power. Civilians so embarrassed. Power is often abused. Bureaucracy became a tool for pleasure. Bureaucracy to meet Certified Tester.

Authority of its leaders are now depending on taste or closeness with the people or the leader of the party on it was not the holder of the high command. Holders of high command seemed to not perform the function of control and command functions. Holders command more preoccupied with his party. Of confusing the role so that the role of command drowned. Life of the party was teranomali and no real cooperation. There was this struggle for power and political interests of each party.

Command relationships that lead to bureaucracy without tenseness between bureaucracy. Cooperation of the bureaucracy that had obeyed the command, the command has now been replaced by another form, namely the existence of money. Wani pyro? Increasingly stretched social ties, lubricants replaced with money relationship communication. Was not much left of the bureaucracy and the general public believe that the strong social ties can help them in dealing with everyday problems. Each was no longer believe that the social relations of cooperation dependents. Confidence is measured and based on the availability of money and need instantaneous liquid. No more relationship based solely on trust or the interests and the common good.

Facing a busy life with a government bureaucracy itself, people now often run into metaphysical realms. Morality so breakfast every day so that social unrest can be muted. Social cohesion melted. While the spiritual role model and a leader who can be a role model almost nothing. Moralitaslah then the only thing that could be the social glue.

The subjective nature of morality, multi-dimensional and multi-interpretation allows an instrument to be able to control yourself. The government does not need to be busy-busy straightening bureaucratic, economic or social problems due to cross sengkarutnya running the instrument and work automatically to control yourself that.

But now the instrument of morality that is at the point of saturation. Morality does not work in the group who are in the circle of power. Discussion of morality has reached its nadir and boring. Cross sengkarutnya discussion of morality did not bring improvement. Political parties are expected to bring fresh air morality turns out in the end is more concerned with money than the welfare of the people. Folk getting worse slowly. Because social problems are not terbenahi well. The government has overlooked to buy Youtube views.

Morality which they handed instruments are now beginning to be rejected by society. Social, economic, political, educational, cultural muted and can not always be solved with issues of morality. Society has been bored and real life with a variety of problems that began crushing awaken their senses.

Slightly more Jokowi - Ahok participate berperanan public awareness about issues of morality that is not the way. Ie, through hard work, logical discussion and bureaucracy transparent, straightforward and scalable. Leadership style Jokowi - Ahok be kicked alternative bottlenecks. Jokowi - Ahok slowly grasp the baton of governance as expected by people who have been preoccupied with issues of morality and fall asleep because ignorance.

How Jokowi who had high electability as president can control the people without instruments morality? It's an interesting question. If Suharto via the military, then Jokowi should look for alternative ways. Because social control through military force would be ineffective and unpopular in society that had just departed from the military system and have experienced nature of reform.

The alternative way is through primordial ties that had been abandoned. Even in the era of Soeharto's military government is trying corked primordial ties influence. Similarly, the role of the reform period is trying suppressed primordial ties with the government questioned the status of Yogyakarta.

Rallying through the power of the primordial ties might just as an alternative discourse. But it is undeniable that the discourse has the power to be reckoned with. Given that Indonesia has tens of authority based on these primordial ties. Power based on the revelation is still trusted by the majority of the Indonesian people. This fact must not be ignored just strength.

According to the legal practitioner stating Suhardi, behind Indonesia's democratic government there are still 186 empire that still exist in this country (, December 26, 2012).

According to research conducted Suhardi and collaboration with Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA), even though our country is democratic but still tacky royal spirit among the people.

"Our country is wrong, because the spirit of the kingdom still exist in Indonesia. From the existing research results with 186 Kemendagri kingdom still exist in Indonesia, "said Suhardi in the National Seminar entitled The Future of Malay civilization Knitting and New Perspectives in the Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM), Cikini, Central Jakarta (, 26/12/2012 ).

Really Jokowi trying to regroup the sultans, kings, traditional leaders scattered across Indonesia to overcome the bottleneck for this system of government? System of government closer to the people is required at the direction of reform as if running in place and ruins the moment.

And not excessive if the system of government closer to the people can be obtained through the role of sultans, kings or tribal leaders by surrounding communities are still seen have authority and influence. Stay Jokowi give them informal role as in countries that are still putting a federal king or queen as a non-formal power can be effective when it functions as a social glue of Ray Ban UK.

Perhaps purposes Provincial Government (Government) DKI Jakarta in cooperation with Forum Gathering Keraton Nusantara (FSKN) which will host the World Sultan Agung performances on 5-8 December at the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Jakarta (, June 12, 2013 ) is one attempt to explore the possibility. The event will be attended by kings throughout the country and the world in addition to functioning as an Indonesian cultural performance internationally, but also very potential to garner consensus.

According to Jokowi itself, other than as a meeting place of the kings of the archipelago and the world, this event is also an opportunity to introduce the world to the international Jakarta. And it can be used as a platform in order to build brand Jakarta as the center Meeting Incentive, Convention, Exhibition (MICE), writes in Reuters, June 12, 2013.

Regardless of the goal, the World Sultan Agung performances deserve to be welcomed. Indonesia is the richest country in the world in terms of customs and cultural diversity. But unfortunately so far has neglected the role and potential. These performances are not only able to build a brand but also the brand Jakarta Indonesia as a tourist destination, art and culture in Northwest Florida Real Estate. Origin just does not get stuck in a narrow primordial or etnocentrisme.