Gain Quality Traffic Using Various Techniques

Gain Quality Traffic Using Various Techniques - SEO is the efforts to increase the volume and quality of traffic of a website from search engines through various techniques. In other words, SEO is the strategies that can be done by web developers to make their sites easy to find in search engine searches so as to produce a hit or a high ranking. Naturally increasingly initial sequence produced a site on the search engines or high engine ranking site in search results, there will be more Internet users who visit our site. SEO techniques are divided into two: the technique on page and off page techniques. Onpage SEO techniques is always done by arranging on a website or blog, such as maximizing the keywords and descriptions to be more easily felt by the search engines Whereas offpage techniques is the use of space beyond the blog. Is considered very effective way to boost the popularity of a blog.

Onpage SEO techniques:

Some basic principles with onpage optimization are:
  • Reforming the HTML meta, such correlations can make between keywords, descriptions, and content.
  • Paying attention to the title of the article every time we post the article. The title of the article was very influential on the search process on search engines.
  • Paying attention to each word in artijel. On the contents of the article, we can do onpage SEO by increasing words close to or equal to the keywords that we have.
  • The first sentence of the first paragraph commercialize capable of covering keywords and description of the blog.
  • Give a unique code in some HTML tags.
  • Provide keywords in the tag link.

Entering the keyword in the picture. Each time you upload pictures in the article, should we put the keyword between the two quotation marks (â € œ â € ??) after the alt text. This is due to an image is not able to be recognized by the search engines, for that we put keywords in alt onpage SEO techniques to support what we do.

To support the onpage SEO techniques, we can utilize the facilities google analystic to determine the density of traffic on the website or blog. By using google analystic we can make repory about traffic website or blog within hariang, weekly, or monthly. To get the facility of Google this, first we must register first.

Open the google address analystic in If you have difficulty in language digunaakn. You can select the settings with the Indonesian language at the top right corner of this web.

The webs are as follows:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Click Register Now if you do not already have an account in Google Analystic. Enter your email address and password to open a new account in google analystic. Then click Sign In. Click Sign Up for continued registration. Enter the URL address of your web, and then set the Time Zone Country or Region with Indonesia then Continue. Fill in your details and click Continue. Put a check under the consent form as a condition you comply with the rules of Google analystic. Then click create a new account, so you can go to google Analystics.

After entering into a new page on this page you are asked to put HTML scripts that exist on the website atauu your blog. Do not click finish that exist under the HTML script form, but go kea kun blogger first. Copy the script beforehand. Enter your Blogger kea kun and select edit your HTML pages. Then find the code </ head> You can use the Ctrl + F to facilitate the search. Then copy the HTML code on the page Gogle Analystics earlier and paste the code above the code </ head> that exist on the Edit HTML page on your Blogger account.

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